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VR Guiding Website is the solution to the gap between traditional websites and head-mounted display (HMD) VR.

Extensive users are able to access VR experiments via computer or mobile devices without purchasing expensive devices or downloading apps. With lower production cost, VR Guiding Website is no doubt the champion among VR contents in terms of cost-performance value.

Despite the lower cost in production, application for VR Guiding Website is unlimited. It can be used as documentary of events, educational websites for forbidden zones, virtual museum or any interactive online shopping/ marketing experiences. 

With deep experiences in building VR Guiding Website, Panosensing has the ability to customize website according to clients’ various needs in order to achieve maximized marketing efficiency.

 | What makes Panosening a leading provider of VR Guiding Website?

With extraordinary high resolution panorama, the users can zoom in freely to check out any details they are interested in.

With Panosensing, we guarantee you there’s no seam can be found at any location.

With expertise in photography and computer vision, nighttime panorama is never be a tough job to Panosensing.

National Library of Public Information

2017 New Taipei City Christmasland

Not just aerial panorama! Panosensing has successfully adopted aerial nighttime panorama into VR Guiding Website for 2017 New Taipei City Christmasland.

2016 New Taipei City Christmasland (Daytime)

2017 New Taipei City Christmasland (Nighttime)

Panosensing delivers video experiences with high resolution panorama and low cost on internet traffic, which differentiate us from typical 360 video suppliers.

【Projection Mapping】

2017 New Taipei City Christmasland – New Taipei City Hall

【Projection Mapping】

2017 Taipei Lantern Festival – Zhongshan Hall “West-side Taipei Theater”

With just a simple VR Box which cost about $6-8 USD, users will be able to jump in a 3 Dof VR world at any time without installing or downloading any extra tools.

Social media plays an important role when it comes to online marketing today. With Panosensing, you will be able to integrate your social network tools such as Facebook or Youtube into your VR Guiding Website.

Panosensing was the first company which brought in search-and-find game into panorama websites in Taiwan. We always strive to develop interesting and interactive elements rather than plain and old-styled street views.

Experienced in understanding the needs and interests of the users, Panosensing can achieve wonderful VR contents on PCs, notebooks, mobile phones and tablets.

Case Study

2016 New Taipei City Christmasland


2017 Taipei City Lantern Festival​


2018 Taipei Grand Trail VR Exhibition


Crown North Coast Suttle Bus (Mobile)​​